Last Updated 10-Apr-2017


The League Handbook is available to download from this web page, in Adobe pdf and Word doc formats, by clicking on the links under.
Should any individual object to their details being available on the web site, they may e-mail the League Publicity Officer at publicity@phyl.co.uk and their information will be removed. Similarly, please notify any amendments to publicity@phyl.co.uk


Date Section Content       Updates
          Last Updated 10-Apr-2017
01.08.16 Index; History of the League; Respect; League Diaries    

01.08.16 League Directory  

17.07.16 League Rules    

17.07.16 Cup Rules      

17.07.16 Laws of Mini-Soccer:-    


U7s and U8s


U9s and U10s



17.07.16 League Honours    



Forms; Guidance Notes for Club Secretaries and Team Managers


17.07.16 FA Approaches to Players        


Last updated 10-Apr-2017

Date Club Position Division Team Update Link to
10.04.17 CSA 07 Team U16P   Withdrawn  
07.03.17 Rooksdown Secretary     Further Change  
05.03.17 Popley Pumas Manager U10   Change  
05.03.17 Woolton Hill Argyle Manager U10   Change  
15.02.17 Rooksdown Secretary     Change  
12.02.17 Wherwell Team U15   Withdrawn  
15.01.17 Down Grange Manager U8   Change  
17.12.16 Barton Rovers Manager U14 Raiders Details  
04.11.16 Woolton Hill Argyle Team U7 Pumas/Panthers New Team  
04.11.16 Basingstoke Town Colts Manager U12 D2 Dragons Change  
22.10.16 Berg Team U12   Withdrawn  
22.10.16 Andover New Street Team U13   Withdrawn  
02.10.16 Hatch Warren Phoenix Manager U8 Heat Orange Details  
02.10.16 Thatcham Tornadoes Manager U12 Black Change  
26.09.16 Basingstoke Town Colts Manager U7 Lions/Tigers Change  
26.09.16 Oakley Manager U10 Yellow Details  
26.09.16 AFC Newbury Boys & Girls Manager U13 Reds Change  
16.09.16 Shooters Team U16   Withdrawn  
12.09.16 Andover New Street Manager U7   Change  
12.09.16 Andover New Street Manager U9 Youth Change  
12.09.16 Cold Ash Manager U14   Change  
12.09.16 Cold Ash CWO     Change  
12.09.16 Down Grange Manager U10   Details  
12.09.16 Hatch Warren Phoenix Managers U10 Blaze/Flames Switch  
12.09.16 Tadley Calleva Manager U14 Stripes Change  
12.09.16 Sherborne St John Manager U13   Change  
04.09.16 Winklebury Wizards Team U7   Withdrawn  
04.09.16 Winklebury Wizards Manager U12 Blue Change  
04.09.16 Loddon Sports Manager U9 Mash Details  
03.09.16 Tadley Calleva Managers U12 Centurians/Gladiators Details  
03.09.16 Thatcham Tornadoes Manager U16 Amber Details  
03.09.16 Shooters Manager U12   Details  
03.09.16 Andover Town Youth Team     Withdrawn  
03.09.16 Andover Town Youth Secretary     Change  
29.08.16 Chineham Tigers Manager U11 Gold Change  
28.08.16 FC Cougars Secretary     Change  
28.08.16 Thatcham Tornadoes Manager U12 Black Details  
28.08.16 Andover New Street Manager U7   Change  
28.08.16 Andover New Street Managers U9 Youth/Swifts Change/Details  
28.08.16 MFC Popley   U14 Premier   New Team  
28.08.16 AFC Aldermaston Team U14 Premier   Withdrawn  
14.08.16 Kennet Valley   U14 Premier   New Club/Team  
12.08.16 Tadley Calleva Manager U15   Change  
12.08.16 Tadley Calleva   U12 Centurians/Gladiators New Teams  
12.08.16 Tadley Calleva Managers U11 Titans/Gladiators Details/Change  
12.08.16 Tadley Calleva   U10 Hornets New Team  
12.08.16 Tadley Calleva   U8 Gladiators/Titans New Teams  
12.08.16 Tadley Calleva Manager U7   Details  
09.08.16 Loddon Sports Team U13   Withdrawn  
09.08.16 Loddon Sports CWO     Change  
09.08.16 Loddon Sports Manager U11   Details  
09.08.16 Loddon Sports Manager U7   Details  
09.08.16 Sherborne St John Manager U13   Details  
09.08.16 Cold Ash B & G Manager U14   Change  
09.08.16 PHYL Div. Secretary U9   Change  

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