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Every effort is made to ensure that the information contained on this site is as accurate as possible. However it is inevitable that some errors will occur from time to time and therefore we cannot guarantee the total accuracy of the information contained on the site. If anyone sees any errors we would appreciate an email to
giving details of the errors so that they may be rectified. All managers should particularly note that the only official source of information concerning fixtures, results etc is the League's F.A. Full Time website, and/or official paperwork sent out by the League itself to Club Secretaries.

Each week we will be publishing information as available, but please note that League Tables, and fixtures for the following week. now appear on the F.A. Full-Time website, and these will be managed by the relevant Divisional Secretaries. either Click here for Full-Time website, or on F.A.F.T. logo/dropdown menu in the top right of the header, or the Boys and Girls menu items on the PHYL website for individual Divisions.

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