last updated 10 September, 2018

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10.08.18   Mike Thomas  

With immediate effect, Mike has stood down as Chairman of the Peter Houseman Youth League, the position which he has held since 2001. We thank him most sincerely for his generous attention and contribution over the past seventeen years, and for those before in his role as Representative Team Secretary. As a team manager for GVM Andover (latterly Andover New Street) his association with PHYL amounts to an incredible thirty five years of service to youth football, a record of dedicaton which we acknowledge with pride.

We wish him a pleasant and peaceful retirement, away from the trials and tribulations of PHYL, but, as a Life Vice President of the League, Mike retains an involvement, and offers magnanimous support and advice to his newly elected successor, KEVIN CLEVELAND, who assumes the role, by Committee vote, again with immediate effect.





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