Player Transfer Process (Updated for Season 2023-2024)

Please use this process when your club is adding a player to a team who is already signed to another club within PHYL. If the player plays within another league they are not subject to a transfer and can be registered for both teams simultaneously. The people involved in this process are:
• Player’s Parent/Carer
• Existing Club
• New Club
• PHYL Secretary (
• PHYL Treasurer (

How it works (roles in bold):

1. New Club - Attach player via Whole Game by adding an existing registered player to their team (do not create a new player). Use the search options to find the appropriate player. If the player is already signed to a team competing in the Peter Houseman Youth League then you need to select “Possible Transfer”. This will email their current club giving them a “7 Days Notice of Approach”. This will now appear as a transfer on Whole game. The player is unable to play until the transfer is completed.

2. Existing Club – when the request to transfer is received, confirm internally when the player is able to transfer (allowing the existing club to obtain kit or outstanding fees if applicable).

3. New Club – contact the Existing Club directly (secretary to secretary) to obtain written (via email) evidence to confirm date transfer can happen.

4. New Club – contact the PHYL Secretary to provide the transfer details and evidence from Existing Club

5. PHYL Secretary – Review request and confirms whether the transfer is allowed (subject to rules check – see below) and provide a Transfer Reference number and transfer payment instructions. If Rejected then process ends.

6. New Club – Make Transfer payment (£10, Bank Details: Sort Code: 40-44-56, Account Number: 31071866) using transfer reference and notify PHYL Treasurer & PHYL Secretary that it has been paid. It is up to the club wither they or the Player’s Parent/Carer pays for this.

7. PHYL Secretary – Confirm the transfer on Whole Game based on agreed date from Existing Club

8. New Club – Player is able to play from this point forward, with the exception of being cup tied if they have already played in the PHYL cup for their current team

League Rules (Rule 18 H & I)

(H) Subject to compliance with FA Rule C when a Club wishes to register a player who is already registered with another club it shall submit a transfer form (in a format as determined by the Competition) to the Competition accompanied by a fee as set out in the Fees Tariff. Such transfer shall be referred by the Competition to the club for which the player is registered. Should this club object to the transfer it should state its objections in writing to the Competition and to the player concerned within 3 days of receipt of the notification. Upon receipt of the Club’s consent, or upon its failure to give written objection within 3 days, the Secretary may, on behalf of the Management Committee, transfer the player who shall be deemed eligible to play for the new Club from such date or 7 days after receipt of such transfer. In the event of an objection to a transfer the matter shall be referred to the Management Committee for a decision.

(I) A Player may not be registered for a Club nor transferred to another Club in the Competition after 31st March except by special permission of the Management Committee [Note: No Club shall be allowed to transfer more than the total number of player’s, listed below, in total over all age groups in the current season. If the Club has 1-2 teams then 2 players, if a Club has 3-5 teams then 4 players, if a Club has 6-10 teams then 6 players, if a Club has 12 teams and above then 8 players. In the event of the Competition entering a Representative competition, only bona fide registered players in the current season will be selected. All players selected for this competition must be made available by their Clubs for League Representative Teams and their trials.]