Referee Allocation and Fees (Updated for Season 2023-2024)

How it works:

Each week, typically Sunday night, referees who have declared themselves available are allocated to scheduled games for the week ahead (and possibly further).
You will then receive an email from Full Time with an update to your fixture. (Tip! If you haven't received the email, change the kick off time on FT/Matchday and
within the hour (usually) you will receive a FT update email with the details)
You need to contact your referee no later than Wednesday night before the game.

If the referee can't make it:

1) Email to advise. If a new ref can be allocated they will be
2) Arrange a backup option - either parent or other club official (last resort is coach/manager or team playing)
3) Notify the opposition manager of the situation and get their approval of any changes to the referee

Referee and Assistant Fees:

As stated in Rule 23(E):
U7 – U8 £18
U9 – U10 £20
U11 – U12 £25
U13 – U14 £30
U15 – U16 £35
U17 - U18 £40
U11 – U12 £15
U13 – U18 £22

Please ensure payments are made on the day and in full.