Postponements and Cancellations

Please use the new process going forward

Posted 13-10-2021 by publicity

From now on, all Postponements or Cancellations must be submitted via the online option, the previous paper option is no longer acceptable.
Using the new online option is simpler, quicker and ensures that all relevant parties receive a copy of the form.
Any queries please contact Thank you.

1. Log in to PHYL website
2. Go to Forms > Canx & P-P Form (Online)
3. Complete the relevant fields and click on Send

This will send an email to yourself (depending on the email entered), your PHYL Div Sec and the PHYL Secretary.


1. For matches within the next 14 days
2. Both teams must submit a cancellation regardless of who initiates the cancellation
3. Can be submitted by any club official

2. For matches more than 14 days ahead
2. Postponing team must submit a cancellation only
3. Must be submitted by Secretary or Chairman only (as they will receive the fines if any are not accepted so need to be aware)